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I first noticed my psychic gift when at the age of five,
I found myself  being able to predict future events like when the
Phone was going to ring who was calling.
 I also experienced an Astro-projection at an earlier age 
I didn't know what was happening all I remember was that 
I had a severe high fever,
I saw the doctors trying to revive me and 
I  felt fine and I was floating around the room,
Then I came back and I was a wake in my body. 

I'm a 5th generation of who are psychic in my family,
Decedents from Greece and Hungary,
I always had this gift of seeing beyond the surface of things,
I always knew that there was a purpose for this,
So I made my choice long ago that
I was to not resist it just go with it. and accept that I have natural born Psychic ability.

I wanted to take it to another level, so then I have studied the arts of 
  Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology ,Runes,
 Druid sticks, oracles, crystals charkas
 I also have three degrees in Reiki healing which
 I teach and administer.

I contact the Angelic realm when I do readings and healings. (a beautiful space to be in)

I have been involved professionally in the psychic field for over 25 years


Tarot - An ancient and mystic deck of 78 cards which will provide insight into present day dilemmas and glimpses of the future. It can be used to answer specific questions about Love, Money, Relationship, career etc. Gives a detailed reading, I am also working to complete my very own deck of Tarot cards and book.

On line classes on  available by request.  

Crystal Sphere/Crystal ball - The lights and shadows in the crystal ball form images which provide messages from spirit guides/Angels specially for the person. Used also for communicating with those that are no longer on this spiritual Plane, This is a very concentrated and spiritual reading. Crystals have an energy all of their own.

Astrology - Involves using your time, place, and date of birth to provide Information on character, career paths, love, rivals,
Strengths and weaknesses. Also forecast the best time to complete projects or begin, compatibility analysis, can tell you if you are destined to be with your mate.

Reiki - An ancient hands on non abrasive healing technique, that balances the aura and energy for your highest good, helps in healing illness such as depression, arthritis, migraines, back pain, stress, releases mental and emotional blocks. Can work long distantly.

You have the power of choice your future happiness depends on the choices you make right now, a reading can help assist you on making the right choices, to help avoid obstacles that might be on your path, together we will clear any blocks or limitations, so that you may enjoy the success in all areas of your life.

 Experience a hidden knowledge connection with your higher self and spirit guides which brings awareness and piece of mind.

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